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"La Guerre des Sambre: Hugo & Iris"
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"La Guerre des Sambre: Hugo & Iris"

The special relationship enjoyed by Bernard Yslaire and Champaka Brussels is an enduring one, having its roots in the advance publication of Plus ne m’est rien… in the monthly edition of “Circus”, an event marked by the issue of the first “Sambre” screenprint (1986). The intervening period has seen publication of select offerings of artwork, including offset prints, screenprints and portfolios, which have met with such success that some forty-five of these editions are already sold out!

To mark the publication, by Editions Futuropolis, of the second tome of Hugo et Iris, Editions Champaka will publish the first image to be taken from La Guerre des Sambre. This very fine and original graphic composition, based on a mise en scène outlined by Yslaire, has been achieved with brio by Bastide and Mézil.