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"Croisades" - Dufaux/Xavier
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"Croisades" - Dufaux/Xavier

Jean Dufaux's presence in the Champaka catalogue has always highlighted his unfaltering talent for working with uniquely talented artists. With Delaby he brought us the incredible 'Murena' and 'Moriganes' prints and with Mirallès the equally powerful 'Djinn'. Now Champaka can proudly add another stunning Dufaux print to its catalogue: 'Croisades', this time in collaboration with Xavier.

For Dufaux, Xavier represents “a rarely seen marriage between the European and American schools of comic art”. The reader can really feel that the illustrator has taken an immense pleasure in his work: “I love drawing. It comes to me more and more easily. Characters evolve and, for me, drawing Croisades is a voyage of sorts, an adventure where you can delve into different personalities.’