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Les cavaliers

Les cavaliers

Despite the success of the albums, “les Cavaliers” is the first silkscreen print based on “7 vies de l’Epervier”…

André Juillard: I actually had quite a few requests for screenprints based on “7 vies de l’Epervier”. But as I had worked on the series over a number of years, I really wanted to do something different. The outcome was that all of my images were set in other worlds. Now, going back to “7 vies de l’Epervier” is almost a pleasure. My previous screenprints have shown me how the whole printing process works…

How does this image differ from the album sequence that inspired it?

André Juillard: In order to heighten the atmosphere, I recreated it as an autumn scene. I wanted to harmonize the ochre and red tones rather than have to re-use green tones.

What were your criteria in choosing this particular image?

André Juillard: I chose an image that conveys an atmosphere. An action scene would have left out the kind of detail that explains the nature of the world in which the series is rooted. To my mind, “Les Cavaliers” reproduces very well the spirit of “7 vies de l’Epervier.” It hints at the fascination the two characters have for each other; neither of them aware as yet that that they are more closely linked than they realize…

Source: Champaka News n°1, September 1992