The portfolio, which functioned initially as an artist's selection of his own work, serves to provide an overview of the work that best represents the artist's oeuvre and also shows the evolution of the artist's style.  It reflects the breadth and depth of the work that is created in an artist's studio. It is, in essence, the artist’s selection of his own work. Such a selection is typically intended to provide an overview of the work that best represents the artist’s œuvre and that also, ideally, shows the evolution of the artist’s style.

Our first editorial publication was the “Johnny Bahamas” portfolio by Serge Clerc. Since then, we have taken a particular pleasure in the art of the portfolio and have, on occasion, been privileged with previously unpublished material (Avril, Loustal). Other enriching projects have been sparked by reappraising, from a fresh perspective, the graphic achievements of a particular album (“L’étrange rendez-vous”…) or by examining specific aspects drawn from a mythic universe (“Sambre”, “Spirou”, “Blake et Mortimer”…).

Recent publications

Macherot : Macherot
"Chlorophylle" - Raymond Macherot

The portfolio In 2002, Champaka finally had the pleasure of paying tribute to Raymond Macherot,…