Alongside its exclusive range of “paper-based” publications, Champaka has created a specialist division called “Email 50” which is dedicated to the production of artworks on metal, or having a metallic finish. With the perfecting of the enamel plate as a medium, the alchemy of the industrial furnace is tamed in the service of art. The results are unique, and issued in limited quantities. In marked contrast to the mass-produced “lapel pins” of the early ’nineties, Champaka has created two themed collections which are presented as boxed sets. The serigraphic process has sometimes been transferred from its usual paper medium to the less typical Plexiglas or aluminium plate.

A triptych composed of “Fantacoptère et Turbotraction”, “La Foire aux gangsters” and “Champignac au Zorgland” pays glowing homage to André Franquin’s “Spirou et Fantasio.” In its footsteps come two “Marsupilami” enamel plates. Moebius gave Champaka the honour of creating “Starwatcher: The Fool”, his first enamel plate.

Two special edition boxed sets have been created in homage to Franquin: “Spirou présente 5 prototypes” and “Marsupilami présente 5 esquisses pour un film oublié.”

“La reine de la route.”