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"Léna et les trois femmes" - Christin-Juillard
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"Léna et les trois femmes" - Christin-Juillard

In October 2006, Champaka’s deluxe edition of Juillard’s Long Voyage de Léna sold out in less than a month. No surprise! Champaka Publishing had once again excelled itself, producing this version not only in a larger format, but also in full colour (unlike most deluxe editions which generally print in black and white) thus paying tribute to Juillard’s exquisite line and subtle colour work.

In addition to the story’s 54 pages, this deluxe edition also included 8 pages of full colour sketches as well as a brand new, unpublished, cover illustration by Juillard. The limited run of 400 copies was signed and numbered by both Christin and Juillard.

Champaka is pleased to announce that the deluxe edition of Lena et les trois femmes, is no different, following exactly the same meticulous attention to detail and quality.