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"La Fresque" - François Avril
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"La Fresque" - François Avril

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“Regards croisés de la bande dessinée belge”, a major exhibition hosted by the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles from 27 March to 28 June 2009, has been honoured with a fitting commemoration. François Avril has created a themed mural that depicts the history of world-wide bande dessinée from the 1960s.

Graced with the title Avez-vous déjà croisé ces personnes à Bruxelles? Avril’s fresco measures 14.5 m long and 1.88 m wide. It illustrates, in partnership with murals by Ever Meulen and Joost Swarte, the introduction to the largest exhibition (1,500 m2 featuring over 400 originals) ever dedicated to bande dessinée in Europe. “Regards croisés de la bande dessinée belge” has been organized as part of “Brussels 2009 BD Comic Strip”, the year designated by the government of the Bruxelles-Capitale region as the year of bande dessinée.

Concerned to find a fitting means of commemorating François Avril’s elegant composition and to give it a life beyond the confines of the exhibition, Champaka has chosen to publish the mural image in the form of a “leporello” or “accordion-pleat” print. Avril’s fresco will be reproduced in the dimensions 1,890 mm long by 190 mm high, being 13 leaves measuring 135 mm.

The La Fresque leporello will be issued as a 450-print edition, each numbered and signed by the artist. This unique print will be for sale from 8 May 2009, available for a recommended sale price of €50.