When Champaka contemplates publication of a book, it has a vision of what that book should be: a work that is rich in beauty and detail, where content and form combine to create a worthy artefact that reflects its creator.
Our desire is to publish only those books that share the same love of art and craft that animates Champaka. Quality, not quantity, is our guiding principle.

Our publications are dedicated to the work of illustrators who demonstrate a narrative graphic style: François Avril, Yves Chaland, Serge Clerc and Floc’h.

Our books are published, in every case, as limited numbered print runs.

Yves Chaland, the late lamented creator of “Bob Fish”, “Freddy Lombard” and “Le Jeune Albert” was a pivotal figure in Champaka’s editorial development. For a considerable period of time, Champaka’s publications consisted exclusively of special editions related to his work: “Coeurs d’acier” (which might be thought of as his “Spirou et Fantasio”!), “Le Jeune Albert” (a dichromatic edition, in red and black, which gathered between two covers everything that had been published about the young Brussels tearaway), “Les Inachevés” (the collected works prepared for the legendary “Bob Fish II” and the tribute album for “Spirou et Fantasio” that was to mark the 50th anniversary of the red-jacketed bellboy), “Chaland” (his illustration work), “Les Années Métal” (an album of hitherto-unpublished pages) and “Chaland et les publicitaires.”

Recent publications

Götting : Instants volés Götting
Instants volés


Frank Pé : « Frank Pé – Une vie en dessins » (édition classique) Frank Pé
« Frank Pé – Une vie en dessins » (édition classique)


Frank Pé : Frank Pé – Une vie en dessins Frank Pé
Frank Pé – Une vie en dessins